dpreview.com staff

Simon Joinson

Simon has spent pretty much all his working life in or around the photographic world, first as photography student, then as a photographer, graphic designer, retoucher, writer, editor, editor-in-chief, art director and even, briefly, a retailer. In early 1997 he launched what was probably the world’s first consumer digital camera magazine, What Digital Camera (UK) from his spare bedroom. Since then he has launched and edited many magazines, written 7 or 8 books on photography, Photoshop and digital cameras and made numerous appearances in print (from industry titles to national newspapers) and on television and radio talking about digital photography and consumer technology in general. He joined dpreview.com in 2004 as reviews editor, and took over the day-to-day running of the site in 2010.

Richard Butler

Richard Butler was trained as a scientist but instead chose a career in communication. He has been a journalist and technical writer on a series of scientific and engineering magazines and has had articles published across a broad range of trade and technical publications. A long-term enthusiasm for design and graphics flourished with the purchase of his first digital camera. This interest in photography ran parallel with his work until he joined dpreview.com in 2007, allowing him to get paid to do what he most enjoys.

Barnaby Britton

Barney Britton joined dpreview when it was based in London in November 2009, after several years as a print journalist in the UK specialist photographic press. He moved from London to Seattle, USA, a year later and these days, Barney spends his days marvelling at how much sunshine there actually is in Seattle when you work in an office with large windows. After hours Barney can be found walking the streets of the Emerald City with a camera, or inside one of Seattle’s many music venues. As well as having a hilarious name (apparently), Barney sees nothing wrong with cute pictures of cats – whatever Andy might say.

Andrew Westlake

A keen photographer for many years, and owner of cameras of many different shapes, sizes, and formats, Andy prepared for his role as lens reviewer by staring at the screens of obscure scientific instruments for more years than he would care to mention. After eventually deciding that spending the rest of his life in a succession of basement laboratories may not be entirely healthy, he served a brief stint in industrial creative writing, and very nearly became a spy, before caving in and joining dpreview’s basement studios. Andy does not believe that testing lenses is a sufficiently hazardous business to require the use of a white lab coat.

Lars Rehm

Lars hails from the land of Beethoven, Beckenbauer and the Bratwurst, where he earned his academic qualifications in business and supply chain. After working a number of years on research projects in Germany, Spain and the UK he eventually realized that optimizing the European Logistics industry was a futile task and joined dpreview as a writer in 2007. After the site’s move to Seattle, WA in 2010 he substituted London’s dark alleys and seedy back streets with the hiking trails of the Pacific Northwest but nevertheless, wherever he goes, there is still almost always a camera in his bag.


Scott Everett

Scott fell in love with photography in 2002 when his close friend Preslav took him shooting with an old Russian SLR, the Zenit. He has since accumulated over 20 cameras and 16 lenses, but the Hasselblad remains his personal favorite. He spent most of his 20s as a project manager, and before joining dpreview was a photographer and producer for a Seattle production company. Looking ahead, in addition to manhandling and writing about as many cameras as he can, Scott is excited to learn The King’s English from his British coworkers.

Amadou Diallo

A photographer, author, educator and former musician, Amadou brings an appreciation for a wide range of disciplines to his photography. His experiences with early digital black-and-white inkjet printing led to the start of his own boutique fine art print shop, merging the craft of printmaking with the creative possibilities of Photoshop image editing. Joining dpreview is an exciting opportunity for him to indulge in both left and right brain pursuits, often simultaneously. Leaving his NYC home to settle out West, two of his favorite pastimes in the Seattle office are waiting for the sun to come out and locating vegetarian menu options during Team Lunches.

Kelcey Smith

Kelcey is a local Seattleite, so 8 months of rain and wind a year hardly faze him at all. Kelcey’s first introduction into photography was when he helped his father build a darkroom in the garage. Since then he’s been hooked on the magic of capturing the world around him and sharing it with others. After graduating from the University of Washington and spending some time teaching English in Japan, he returned to his town of origin to work at Amazon.com. When he heard that dpreview.com was moving in just across the street, he jumped at the chance to join the team. Kelcey now spends his days meticulously photographing the same studio comparison shots that he used to spend hours meticulously analyzing on dpreview.com.

Parinita Salian

After juggling jobs as as a jewellery photographer, general freelancer and a brief stint at photojournalism back in Mumbai, India, Parinita joined the DPReview team in 2008. Despite her new database responsibilities, Pari continues to take a lot of photographs both for the site and in her free time. She likes being part of a small team, and despite being the only female, she hates pink cameras.

Jan Zich

Jan joined dpreview in 2008 as a developer. He spends most of the time in the Seattle office working on new features for the site, to make it more relevant for this century. Sometimes he wishes he could start from scratch with a clean slate but then he realizes that millions of users every month can’t be wrong, and remembers how fortunate he is to have landed a developers’ dream job.

Adrian Godong

Adrian has been doing programming since 13, that’s pretty much describes this nondescript ninja developer. Daily routine in the office consists of magically spawning code monkeys to build new features for the delight of both staff and users, fixing code error and bugs created by those monkeys and finally spending long hours figuring out how to get better monkeys to finally reach technological singularity. The weekends are filled with activity totally unrelated to monkeys; doing actual photography.

Richard Shih

Richard joined DP Review from the Great White North as a web developer. After spending several years honing his abilities in program management, he discovered that sitting in meetings all day did not bring the same satisfaction as diving head first into code. Between banging his head on the monitor cursing web browsers for their inconsistencies, you’ll find him escaping to the nearby mountains (there aren’t that many on the east coast where he is from) or driving around looking for the next great culinary experience.

Josh Hays

After a childhood spent playing with cameras and computers among the corn fields of Nebraska, Josh moved to the Pacific Northwest where he continues to play with cameras and computers, minus the corn fields. Joining DPReview in 2011 after several years in the IT industry, he is thrilled to be able to combine his interests while working for a website which he has long respected. When he’s not at the office, he can be found hiking near Seattle or photographing the natural and artificial details of our world.