The Colour Of 

iOS app takes a search term, then creates an abstract collage from Instagram images based on that term:

The Color Of App from Kwok Pan Fung on Vimeo.

What is the color of happiness? Now you have an objective answer with ‘The Color Of’ app. When you search for something, the app will grab pictures from Instagram and overlap them to form an abstract image with a dominant color, which you can share on Facebook and Twitter, save as your phone’s wallpaper, or even send as a postcard. You can even explore the creations of other users. Free only on 14 December 2012 launch day, 99 cents thereafter. ‘The Color Of’ app is an art project by independent Singaporean designer, Fung Kwok Pan. It is based on his popular web art experiment to objectively find the colour of things based on Flickr. The iPhone app will be launching on 14th December 2012 for free, and with a price of 99 cents thereafter, based on photos from the Instagram community this time round.

When you search for a term, ‘The Color Of’ finds the Instagram images based on their tags, and overlap them to form an abstract image, which you can share on Facebook and Twitter, save as your phone’s wallpaper, or even send as a postcard (with our partners at Sincerely). Colors can also be searched by location or username.

In addition to creating your own, you can explore what the other users have created with the app. The Color Of is an annonymous, free-sharing network where you can view, share or save anyone’s creations.

‘The Color Of’ project adds on to the emerging field of new media and data art, where the work goes beyond a static medium by co-creating an art piece together with the user, the photo community and their ever-changing data. As a mobile app, users now have a piece of the project with them for an extended art experience anywhere and anytime.

From its creation till today, web experiment has over 300 000 visits. Since began tracking images created by its users 3 months ago, over 20 000 images have been created.

You can find out more here


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