Scenes from Lower Manhattan. Hurricane Sandy aftermath.


In the aftermath of the storm last week, I was fortunate enough to have many places in Brooklyn where I was more than welcome to stay, but made the decision to stick things out in my neighborhood.  For 6 days we were without power and cell service.  Compared to other communities on the coastlines that were hit, for many of us this was a temporary inconvenience, though there are many small business and families in this neighborhood that will have lasting repercussions.  I’m glad I stayed where I live.  I was able to volunteer my time and check on elderly neighbors and families.  I was able to see a neighborhood improvising and making things work day by day, which is the spirit that prevails here.  We are one piece of a community within a whole and it is in tough times that we are able to see who and what makes this city so great.

(via phootcamp)